Security Notice
The Board of Directors have received complaints regarding our gate guards.  One frequent complaint is that the guards are not calling the residents to notify them or to get the resident's permission to allow entry.

To address the complaints, the Post Orders were reviewed.  It was determined that the Post Orders are not being specifically followed, but in a different manner than the complaints indicate. 

The Orders very specifically address who should be allowed to enter automatically.  They also state that the Resident is responsible for notifying the gatehouse of pending arrivals by name.  The Post Orders state that unless, you the Resident, notify the gate of a guests arrival by name, the guards are required to turn them away.  They do not require that the guards contact the resident to gain permission. 

I quite often forget to notify the gate of expected guest arrivals. However, I would not like having my guests (including unexpected) turned away because of my lack of memory.  Assuming that you would agree with this position, I temporarily voided that requirement.  If you would like to reinstate it, please feel free to address the Board of Director's meeting on April 25th at the Pool Ramada at 10:00 AM.  You may also respond via Agnes if you are unable to attend the meeting.

The Chairperson has resigned and we are looking for another volunteer.  Please contact Agnes if you are interested.

Ron Richards, President